Farm Development

Our farm has diversified and developed over the years to create the business and lifestyle we have today, Sgriob - Ruadh is 300 acres of mostly rock and bog, but just enough for the milking cows to graze.


 We started with 10 cows which were brought up with Jeff and Chris and the boys when they moved up from Somerset in 1979.  The farm was a ruin and no - one had been living there for many years but one of the first things to be built was a roof over the cow shed so that they could be housed.

Our Farm as we Bought it


The Farm was bought derelict in 1981.  The roof over the cow shed was first to be fixed and the house roof a year later

Beginning to look like a farm now


The farm buildings are being extended for the third time and we are milk about 40 cows.


Further Development


The house is finally finished and the Glass Barn has been put up on the right hand side.  The cellar has been built which is the white rectangle at the bottom side of the picture